The Golden Viennese Heart Tour

The program will start again in 2022.

Are you in the mood for an authentic Viennese experience?
You have come to the right place !
Our very special Tour of Vienna begins at the Central Cemetery
and leads us via stories and anecdotes directly into
the heart of Vienna and the office of a psychotherapist.
As a highlight “Der Machatschek” will serve you a “G´spritzer” (White Wine Spritz)
with the Original Viennese “Lied”- erature.

The Golden Viennese Heart is contradictory:
It´s golden on the outside and a little dark on the inside.
“It is malicious wihin it´s kindness,” said the writer Roda Roda.
It takes psychologists like Sigmund Freud to understand it.
It beats in a melancholic rhythm.
From Viennnese cosiness to phlegmatism it is only a piece of fat cream cake away.
With a legendary “Schauma amoi” (Well, let´s see … ) the Vienneses camouflage their indifference as nonchalance.
Anyway, they get through everything with a good “Schmäh”.

Wiener Schmäh – the characteristic Viennese humour – is the highest belief of Viennese fatalism.
At the same time it is used as an excuse for almost everything.
Along a fine line between humorous charm, bragging and insult,
it is self-deprecating and often macabre. It is our elixir.
To make sure we´ll never run out of it, there are countless “Schmähtandler” ( Schmäh-dealers) in town.

Machatschek calls things by their name in a critical way.
In his songs Franz Joseph Machatschek, called ” The Machatschek” screens the Viennese soul
with a good portion of irony. He doesn´t gloss over things and yet reveals a passionate love of life.
Let him serve you an unforgettable cocktail of emotions that tastes good.